How to join sofplayers chat?


A tutorial by BinGirL for
And be careful, i'm watching you here


Step 1. Download Mirc here
Step 2. Install Mirc
Step 3. Launch Mirc, no need to register, just continue
Step 4. Mirc options window appear, fill the blanks :

1: Your full name (write your name or what you want)

2: Your mail address (a real one or a fake, not important)

3: Your nickname (this is your nick who will appear on irc chat)

4: Your alternative nickname (if your nickname is already used by someone, Mirc will use the alternative nick auto)

ps for nicknames: don't use space if you have a 2 word name. Use "_" or "-" or "`" etc
Exemples : Bin-GirL, Bin|GirL, Bin`GirL, Bin_GirL are ok but Bin Girl will give "Bin" on a chat.

Step 5. Look the windows and click on Servers (just under Connect) to arrive on Servers window. Configure your window like me :

1: The Garbage chat has been created on the Quakenet network, so you must choose Quakenet.

2: Select Random Server or a server near your country (i advise you to keep random except if you have connection problem)

ps for servers: Before connecting on an irc chan, you ALWAYS need the network, on our example and for garbage, the network is Quakenet.

Step 6. Now, just under Servers, select Options and follow instructions :

1: Select Connect on startup (Mirc will connect on the chat when you launch it)

2: Select Reconnect on disconnection (Mirc will try to reconnect you on the server if you are disconnected)

3: Clik on perform... and follow the step 7

Step 7. After clicking on Perform another window appear, let's go :

1: Select Enable perform on connect (used to join auto the chat)

2: Select Other Network and click on 3 (Add)

3: After cliking Add, select in the list Quakenet and ok. You will have the same window than me.

4: write like me : join

Finally, click OK and Ok again to close the Mirc Options window.

Step 8. Close Mirc and launch it. "About Mirc" window will come again but just click continue. The Mirc favorites window will appear during your connection, just disable it by selecting the "Pop Up favorites on connect".

And finally, close Favorites options and Mirc Options windows to have this clear area :

Don't try to talk with @L it's a bot :)

Questions, insults or love letters to BinGirL at